Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flamanda's Appointment

Flamanda had her first doctor appointment today. The doctor says from the CT done in Haiti he does not think she has much of a temporal lobe. They are going to be getting an MRI on the 5th. She had her pre-op lab work done and is doing great with her family. She is eating well and loves rocking with Papa Terry in the rocking chair. I think she is getting spoiled! They are doing a great job and their kids are loving having her with them. They say she seems very aware of what is going on around her.
The doctor is going to do the procedure where a hole is drilled in the brain first to drain fluid. If in 2 days that isnt working he will place a shunt. If it seems to be working and draining fluid they will send her home to be watched for a while to make sure it continues to work. This also is dependent on what the MRI shows but that is the current plan for her.
What a blessing for her to be able to receive this care.
God is good!

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