Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Its been so long since I posted I cant believe it. I guess its because not much has gone on lately. The rest of the summer flew by and the kids have started school. Jeremy is doing awesome in 6th grade. Nick is doing alright. Some ups and downs and he really doesnt like school much. My work has been super busy! And the carwash is still doing good business.

I havent been doing much for Haiti since I got back from my last trip in April. I am not working as the Medical Coordinator or on the board for Nehemiah Vision Ministries anymore. I feel sort of lost right now when it comes to Haiti. I love it so much but I have no plans or direction at the moment. I dont know when I might even go back or with what group or where I would go. Its been 6 months since I was there and have gone ever October for the last 3 years. Im really missing it right now. I hope to see everyone I know in Chambrun again someday.

We do have something new going on though! I started volunteering for a cat rescue here in Westfield. From The Heart its called. Its run by a woman that started it herself several years ago. We have a Petsmart down the road. They work with her and she adopts her cats out of their store. She also has a shelter with about 100 cats in it not far from my house. I go once a week to Petsmart and clean the cages and love on the cats. Its sooooo fun.

So of course we have 2 new kittens! They are so cute and have been a lot of fun around the house. Nothing like a kitten to raise your spirits. So here are Sunshine and Shadow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

South Haven MI Vacation

Harbor at sunset

Beautiful sunsets every night from our private beach front
Nick ha a lot of fun climbing the dunes

Waves were great, just like being at the ocean

Playing on the beach at sunset

Saugatuck Ferry, we had a fun day visiting there

Top of a dune on our favorite part of the trip, the dune buggy ride

We had a great time playing in the sand

1800's ship we took a 2hr ride out on in to Lake MI. It was wavy and cold that day. Jeremy and I got a little sea sick. The sails were amazing when they were out. It is the biggest boat on the lake

We really liked walking out on the pier to the lighthouse

We had a really fun time in South Haven. It is just like being at the ocean without the drive. It was much colder too though. We loved swimming, relaxing, mom got to shop some too. We will definately go back again sometime.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flowing Well Park

We spent a few hours at the Flowing Well Park in Carmel. The kids love climbing and playing in the creek. We saw several animals, threw rocks, splashed and had a great time. The highlight was the small water snake!

The kids are having a great summer break so far. We are excited to be leaving on a vacation soon to South Haven MI!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Indianapolis Childrens Museum

Tom took the boys to the Childrens Museum one day when I was a work a few weeks ago. They love it there!

On the road in Haiti

On our last day of clinic we went to a church in a different direction than we usually travel to do our clinic. I love to see more of Haiti. It was interesting to drive on different roads and see different things.