Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was captivated by this story of infant Grace. She is currently in the hospital and is going to be cared for by the orphanage that Sendy is currently at. If she survives and starts to do well the organization that brought Shnaider here may have a hospital that can fix her feet and possibly hands. This is all just thoughts right now as she is still very sick. The culture of Haiti will probably never cease to amaze me or draw me in. I would go help these infants in a heart beat if it is what God wants our families to do. Until then I will do what I can from here. Steph
From Vanessa:On my last trip to Haiti, I met an angel. Her name is Monique Jacques. She is a mother of 5 children she lives in Citie Soleil. Her husband passed away 2 years ago. She has no possibility of a job. She was on her way to see the Nuns to ask for food to feed her children. In the road trash pile she saw a newborn infant. The baby we have now named Grace. She said she stood there and looked. What could she do. She has her 5 children who she can not feed. But she knew she could not leave the baby lying there. She picked her up and took her to our friend Karen, a missionary who lives in Delmas 31. Karen told her that they need to take the baby to the police because there would need to be a report. Karen took Monique and baby Grace to the police station. Sadly, they would not take a report. They accused Karen of purchasing the baby and now not wanting her. Karen and Monique repeatedly told the baby's story to everyone at the police station. No one would listen. Karen called me and asked if I had any ideas. I told her to bring the baby to Angel Clinic and we would seek care for her. Little Grace has club feet and very tight hands. She was also covered in a terrible rash and there appeared to be other possible issues with this beautiful baby. After making some phone calls around to others we know, Dr. Joey said he would come see her that night. He agreed to her to Father. Rick's hospital, Petit Freres Et soeurs (Little brothers little sisters hospital).People often ask me why do you continue to go to Haiti. Well here is a perfect example. Monique, a mother of 5 who can not feed her own children, spent her entire day trying to find care for a very sick, abandoned baby. This woman who had nothing for herself or her children today stepped out on faith to help a precious child of God. We were able to give her some money that should help feed her family for a week. We also gave her a care package of things we could come up with from the clinic.I ask that you please keep Monique and her children in your prayers. Please pray for baby Grace and for us to get her all the medical care she needs. If anyone feel led to help us help Monique get her children into school, please contact Vanessa at AngelMissions@hotmail.comPlease pray for all of the mothers in Haiti who have children going to bed hungry tonight.

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She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Sephanie:) My husband and I would be interested in hosting a baby for medical care. Do I just need to go to the organization's website and sign up? I assume there will have to be an application process for approval.